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Calorie Counting is Dead


Why cutting calories may not be the answer to dropping excess bodyfat.

I know what you must be thinking after reading the title ...

"Whaaaat! This guy has lost his mind! Does he not know about the law of thermodynamics?"

The answer is yes ...I know about the law of thermodynamics. 

And everything I present will not break that law no worries, okee dokie 😉

Let's talk about something we all understand ...

If you knew that you needed $2000/month to survive and I gave you a job making $2000 every month, you would be good, right? 

And if everything stayed constant, you would simply stay in balance forever, yeah?

What if, as your employer, I told you one day that you HAD TO put 50% away for your retirement. Let's just say it was a new law that was passed.

So now're still making the same amount of money ...and your daily living expenses have not changed ...but you only have $1000 / month to live on.

Assuming you could not find another job to make up the extra money, you would need to reduce your monthly living expenses by finding a smaller apartment, buying less food, doing less fun things that cost money, etc. 

In essence, you will need to down regulate your spending to survive. 

If we relate this to your physiology... 

Imagine that the retirement fund is your fat cells. 

And the new law, the one that forces you to save 50% of your income, is the door into your fat cells. 

Previously this door was shut and not letting anything in, but now, something happened and it has been flung WIDE OPEN. The floodgates are open ...the door is broke and stuck in the open position. 

All of a sudden, you start getting fat. And you start feeling symptoms like these ...

  • Reduced energy levels
  • Reduced brain function
  • Reduced cardiorespiratory function
  • Lower sex drive
  • Reduced strength
  • Reduced lean body mass
The first thing most people do is blame the aging process and a reduction in metabolism.

But the truth is ...

These things are the symptoms of a broken fat storage regulatory mechanism. 

In other words,

Lower metabolism DOES NOT create more bodyfat ...Lower metabolism IS created by an increase in bodyfat.

This reduction in metabolism is a survival mechanism.

Just like you would need to reduce your living expenses to survive.

So, in essence, this cascade of symptoms stems from... 

Greedy fat ...

Greedy fat is when the regulatory mechanism of fat storage gets broken and FORCES nutrients to be converted and stored in the fat cells. It's like the retirement fund that all of the sudden wants, and takes, more. It's not that your daily living requirements ever changed ...only the amount you must pay to fat has changed. 

So, in this situation, you can see how it is entirely possible to gain fat without eating excess calories. 

Calories are not directly proportional to the amount of bodyfat you carry, but instead, the bodyfat you carry is directly proportional to the number of calories your fat cells are taking in. 

You might be thinking, well just start eating less?

That would be the equivalent to saying, "well, just pay me less". It will only make things worse. If fat is still greedy, your metabolism would slow down even more with less food.

You might be thinking, "Well then, just eat more?"

If you eat more. you may have more nutrients available for survival and in turn boost metabolism somewhat, but if you still have greedy fat, you will not shut the door on excessive storage...making you fatter...but more energetic.

The solution ...


Fix the broken regulatory mechanisms. 

A normal functioning, healthy person, has a fat storage system that regulates storage perfectly. And the ideal amount stored is a programmed amount set by your DNA. 

Healthy fat cells are designed to do two things very well ...

  1. Take in nutrients when storage gets below normal -  This does not mean that every time there are excess nutrients fat MUST take them in. In fact, if fat storage is adequate, the excess nutrients are shuttled to the muscles and other systems to be utilized. Other systems have the incredible ability to UPregulate to accommodate for an excess. As an example, if you have excess nutrients from overeating at a meal, you may be really energetic and find yourself moving around much more than usual. And maybe your heart rate has bumped up 2-5 bpm and maybe your immune system kicked into high gear to make extra T-Cells. There are literally 1000's of ways your body can UPregulate to accommodate excess nutrients. To think it simply goes to fat is to not to give the human body much credit.
  2. Release fat to be used as energy when nutrients are scarce - If there was a time of famine and nutrients became scarce, fat would open the back door to release nutrients into the bloodstream for other systems to utilize for survival. Fat is supposed to be generous when nutrients are low.
Okay, so how do we fix Greedy Fat syndrome?

Simple ...

STOP eating all the processed, refined, sugar-filled foods and get back to real food.

It really works ...