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How to Drive a High Performance Race Car


If I put you in a $300,000 Ferrari, stuck you on a race track with 25 other race cars and said "GO" what would you do?

If you are like me ...

You would likely die, lol ...but ...

Point is ...

I am sure we can agree that this is an exciting, but potentially dangerous situation to be thrown into.

There is a good chance you'll at least survive, but there is also a strong possibility of damage.  

Upon completing the race (assuming you survived) what would you do If I told you that you could keep the car to practice and that the next race was in 6 months?

I see two options ...

  1. Take time trying to figure out how to drive and race the car by watching Youtube videos.
  2. Hire a coach to help you and accelerate the entire learning process so you can be dialed in, and have much more confidence going into the next race.

As someone who makes their living as a coach ...

You know what I would choose

If I was your racing coach, here is what I would do?


Teach you how to drive the car ...skillfully. 

Yeah ...I know you already know how to drive, but there is a huge difference between driving a $300,000 Ferrari with skill and precision (as it's meant to do) as opposed to driving a $300,000 Ferrari like you do your Toyota Camry when you're taking the kids to school.


Drive with skill and precision for long periods of time without fatigue or concern for speed.

It's all about the endurance and consistency here. Speed (intensity) at this point is low priority.


Bring on the speed!

Gradually adding speed while maintaining skill and precision is where the best race car drivers are forged in steel.

Just because you have a fast car with a full tank of gas doesn't mean you should go out and race 300 miles at full speed. You will likely die or have an "event" (See #1 above)

Now ...

Imagine YOU are a priceless Ferrari ...worth more money than anything else on this planet ...and you want to experience its full grace, power, and potential.

While staying injury free (not crashing)...

You already have your hands on the wheel ...the next move is on you ...

What are you going to do?