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Are You Struggling to Master the Olympic Lifts 

...Discover the Simplest Method for Learning how to Clean & Jerk and Snatch without Spending Hours Watching Online videos or Wasting Your Time Trying to Figure it Out on Your Own.

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✅ The 4 things each of the lifts have in common that will take you from beginner to advanced...quickly.

✅ The real reason soo many struggle to master the lifts and what you can do to accelerate your results.

✅ Why missing lifts may not be a flexibility issue and what you need to consider instead.

✅ Learn the art of pacing in your lifts so you can stop making this one big mistake most beginners make.

About Your Host:

Tony Bevilacqua

A former overweight, beer loving, cancer patient who went through hell and back in his late 20's, Tony eventually came out the other side with incredible insight about living a life full of health, opportunity, and service to others.

Today, with 20 years of professional coaching experience under his belt, Tony has helped 1000's of people from all walks of life achieve incredible results in their own personal health, fitness and nutrition journeys.

Most recently, Tony has worked extensively in the realm of CrossFit and Weightlifting, where he has developed some of the best athletes in the Country.

Tony is now bringing his knowledge and expertise into the online arena to help others excel in their personal strength and power development. 

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