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What is Healthspan and Why Athletes Need to Care


What concerns you more?

The amount of time you spend on this planet?


The amount of time you spend on this planet an active, productive human being?


I can tell you, for me, without a doubt, I am 100% more concerned with the amount of time I am on the planet as an active participant..In fact, what scares me the most is living to be 100 and sitting in a nursing home for 20....Gulp!

I will take the 80 year lifespan over the 100 years all day if I can be 100% functional for the 80.

Better yet, I'll take the 100 year with 100% functionality 😉

Lifespan is simply the total amount of time you are on this planet.

Healthspan is the time you are on this planet as a functional human.

I would argue that many of you are here because Healthspan resonates with you like it resonates with me. 

As Athletes, I think we all have some commonality of mindset in this area, and in some ways, it puts us in a very special sort of club. Staying in great physical condition allows us to take advantage of opportunities in life that the unfit may not have. And the further we hedge ourselves from physical decline during our younger years means we are creating opportunities for the best possible Healthspan as we get into our later years. 

If you're still with me...Great!

To make sure you are maximizing your potential for a great Healthspan, I want you to take stock of where you are today.

We will do this via a simple quiz I have added below. Consider this a bit of an experiment on my part, because I am genuinely interested in the health of my fellow Athletes. 

In this short quiz, we will be looking at 4 different areas of your life that have legitimately been shown, in research, to effect Healthspan. 

Although this quiz is subjective, it will give you a score at the end.

This score is a representation of where you perceive yourself today in your health. Since perception can be soo powerful, I want you to use your quiz score to think about one specific strategy you can implement TODAY that would help you move your score up...and ultimately, your perception of how healthy you are.

After all, mindset matters 😉

Here are the four things I want you to subjectively score in the quiz.  

Stress - Some stress is inevitable and in many cases can be a good thing (Think exercise). It's the negative stress I'm interested in. The stuff that is in your head that you legitimately WORRY about daily. For me, I know stress levels are bad when my brain gets into a loop trying to solve a problem. When I can't resolve a serious problem, it physically drains me and effects every part of my life. Bad stress may be something different for you, but I want you to give some thought to this and try to come up with a subjective score.

Rest - Sleep would be your primary concern when it comes to rest. If you sleep poorly, it will have negative effects on your physical body. I am sure you have been tired before because you stayed up too late, but I am not really talking about one night of indiscretion staying up late watching Netflix. Instead, what I am really asking is a chronic lack of rest. Also, this is not just a quantity assessment. Even if you sleep for 8 hours a night but still feel unrested, it could be saying something about the quality of your sleep. What would you score yourself here?

Fitness - How do you feel about your OVERALL fitness. I'm talking about comprehensive fitness. For example, take into consideration all of the following characteristics of fitness ...cardiorespiratory endurance, flexibility, strength, power, coordination, agility, balance. There are more, but this should give you a rough idea. As a quick example, if all you do is run long distances, generally there is a lack of strength and power, whereas, if all you do is powerlifting, there is a general lack cardiorespiratory endurance, stamina and agility.

Nutrition - I want you to base your nutrition primarily on the quality of the foods you eat. If you find yourself eating a lot of highly processed junk food in lieu of real, whole foods, score yourself lower. 

Once you take the quiz, be sure to write down your score.

Then, go to your calendar tool and schedule a recurring event to retake the quiz every 6 weeks. As your setting up the reminder, be sure to include your score in the reminder. This will help you track your perceived health status over time and should help you stay accountable to yourself on the ONE change you make every 6 weeks. Don't forget to add the link to this page too...

The quiz is very simple and very fast....

Once you get your score, please do me a favor ...put your score in the comments below and include the one thing you plan to change to move your score up. 

Community is strong!

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    Getting much better, with more focus and commitment to being fit for life – a sustained fitness. Gotta be a different, better me.

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