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Why does my [BLANK] hurt?


Regarding orthopedic problems ...

There are 3 ways to get hurt in Fitness and/or Sport ..

  1. A single event/accident creating damage to your body...

    • For example ...Getting punched in the face at a Badmitten tournament. 
    • These events account for about 10% of all injuries in fitness/sport. (In full disclosure, I completely made up the 10% number to simply convey a message that the large majority of orthopedic problems do not come from these events)
  2. Infection, virus, autoimmune disorder, genetic disorder, side effects from medication, etc, etc.

    • These account for approximately 1% of the orthopedic problems in fitness and sport (Again, a made up percentage to convey a message)
  3. Bad body positions used over and over again for long periods of time

    • For example ...Embarking on a 2 month marathon training program and running with externally rotated feet and collapsed arches (poor skill and efficiency) which ultimately leads to chronic patellar tendinitis (knee pain). 
    • In this scenario, pain generally takes longer to manifest and usually becomes chronic and more severe over time. 
    • These types of orthopedic issues are approximately 89% of the problems. (yeah, yeah ...I know... again with the made up number)

As you can see from above, based on my silly, but relevant percentages, the majority of pain comes from poor body positions.These are often referred to as "overuse" injuries.

This also implies that by focusing on the consistent utilization of "good" body positions, we ​have an opportunity to eliminate the majority of pain associated with exercise/sport.

What are good body positions? 

Great question!

Short answer is depends ...

My recommendation ...

Find an experienced coach that understands the biomechanics of your sport or activity. They will teach you the best positions and movements (movements are just positions strung together) needed for you to eliminate overuse injuries and associated pain. 

A good coach will also dig into areas that may be preventing you from getting into good positions, such as ...

  • Mobility
  • Strength
  • Muscular Endurance

No athlete wants to be in pain, It slows down progress, and can create long term problems that become much harder to fix in the long term. if you do OR do not have pain, it's always wise to find a good coach.

The investment in yourself is likely to pay dividends FOR LIFE.